Module "Image"

This is one of the most used modules in Cornerstone, since it is dealing with such an important part of the site - pictures. This module can display separtate images or the series if images called "galleries".

This are the "Image module" windows
This widnow displays an image. Simple as that.
Whenever you need to show a series of images, you need to create a gallery. To show you gallery as a slideshow you use a window called slideshow.
There are more than 1 way to show you image gallery. This one presents it as a filmstrip gallery. Very nice.
This window is similar to horizontal fimstrip, only the images are placed vertically.
This window let's you present your gallery in a most traditonal way - as a matrix of images.
The Gallery Browser window let's you see the Galleries available on your website.
This is a window that shows the gallery images when you click on thumbnails.
Did you know ?
Article list layout
There are many presets to show your article list. But if you don't like any of those - you can always create your own by selecting the "According to template" option in the Image tab of your article list (Article list > Image position > According to template). You do need to know some html and css to do that though.
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