Module "Article"

This module is a core of your content. Every website has to have text information, describing your organization, business or even personality. This module can be used to create content of your static pages, or to contain the dynamic content of your website, like news, thematical articles, blogs etc.

The module can be connected to other "simplier" modules to use pictures from the Image module, to use videos from Video module etc. If you want to start to get familiar with your way arounde Cornerstone - this is a module to start with.

These are the "Article module" windows
It is not a surprise that the first window of the Article module should be Article. Use this one to place an entire article on your page.
This window is one of the most used windows in the system. All it does - shows you the list of articles, grouped by one of the set criterias. You can show the articles grouped by "Article list" (a system option when you create an article) or by tags. Either way let's you show the list of articles that you wish to show. The display options of this window are very flexible.
You can create a list of links when creating/editing your article. This window shows those links.
You can add files to your article and this window let's you display the list of those documents. If a document is a mp3 file, you can add a player to the list to make that file playable. This is a simple window that sometimes comes in very handy.
Yet there is another list. The list of related articles. You can specify that list when editing your article. Those related could be a list of similar, or from the series. And hey, if you don't like this window, you can always use another one - Article List, just use tag filtering.
This window is very similar with the gallery slideshow in the Image module. Only instead of just images, this one show you articles with the titles, images, and the descrition text. This is one of the windows that you just can't stay away from. Everybody uses it.
Did you know ?
Website widgets
You can use the text window to place web-widgets such as facebook like button on site pages.
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