Module "Website"

This module covers website navigation tools and html-formatted text that doesn't need to be categorized in articles or found through website search tools.

This is the module you use to make initial setup of your website pages.

These are the website module windows
Horizontal menu
The horizontal menu window is used to create a horizontal menu. It may have the drop-down submenus, or not. Here are a few examples of how this window can be used:
This window is used to place html-formatted text into any zone. You don't need to know HTML to put the text in. However, placing images or complex elements will need such knowledge. You can also use this window to place HTML-code of counter, soclal-media widgets etc. on your page. Example of HTML-formatted text is shown below.
Vertical menu
Verical menu window is used to make vertical list of site pages. See the examples.
Panel menu
This menu window presents the site pages in a nice, panel drop-down manner.
Bread Crumbs
This window let user see the path from the current page to the homepage.
Did you know ?
Simple and complex modules
Some of the modules in Cornerstone can combine content of "simplier" modules. Articles can contain videos, pictures and even questionnaire forms, that are stored in particular modules. Shop items can store pictures in the Images module, and articles in a linked article module.
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